Modern Slavery Statement

 The Matchstick Men Group, namely Matchstick Men Limited, G2S Limited, Design and Trade Limited and Product Care Limited are limited companies that collectively provide the following products and services:
• Import and distribute household electrical appliances to retailers in the UK and end users (B2C) that purchase from us via the internet in the EEU;
• In-house media production such as videos and photographs to support the sale of our product range. We provide these services to external customers;
• In-house graphic design services for our own products and for external customers;
• Home delivery of our own products to end users and those of partner brands;
• After sales support, products and services to customers who have purchased products from us.
The Matchstick Men Group has approximately 150 employees in the UK and 8 employees in our China Office. Our employees are based over 3 sites within the UK, and we serve more than 700,000 customers annually across our retail and B2C customer sectors.

We import our own brand products from Asia and Europe; source additional products from suppliers in the UK. Our goods not for resale suppliers are predominantly based within the UK, although some suppliers have offices abroad.

We take our responsibilities very seriously. Our policies (specifically Employment Standards and Bribery and Corruption) are integral to all our supplier contracts, set out overall standards and commitment towards anti-corruption, legal compliance and ethical conduct. These standards extend to The Matchstick Men Group partners, suppliers and sub-contractors.

The aforementioned policies and other HR policies (namely Recruitment and Selection, Induction and our HR/Health and Safety Handbooks) are integral to all our employee relations and set out our overall standards and commitment to ensuring we are fair to and treat our employees with respect. We do so in-line with legislative/regulatory requirements and aligned with industry standards.

This statement provides clarity to these standards, specifically focusing on The Matchstick Men Group’s compliance with the Modern Slavery Act and its commitment to prohibiting any form of forced labour or slavery throughout our supply chain.

To be able to achieve this commitment The Matchstick Men Group is undertaking the following steps:
1. Pre-qualifying its suppliers, covering compliance with relevant policies alongside a number of requirements around corporate responsibility. This enables The Matchstick Men Group to evaluate and keep updated a potential supplier’s suitability to provide goods and services to The Matchstick Men Group.

2. Communicating its Employment Standards which clearly prohibits any form of forced labour, modern slavery, bonded or involuntary prison labour to all of its suppliers requiring their compliance and an expectation they apply these principles throughout their sphere of responsibility.

3. Identifying ‘high risk’ suppliers in our supply chain and taking specific steps to manage this risk including requirements for ethical audits, SEDEX membership and assurance that international employment standards are adhered to.

4. Provide guidance and training to help develop and educate staff with the aim of embedding a culture of responsibility so that all employees know and understand The Matchstick Men Group values, what it stands for as a business and how to make a difference. To increase awareness of supply chain practice, The Matchstick Men Group will develop a specific training course, covering corporate responsibility and sustainability to raise awareness of anti-slavery and discrimination amongst other labour issues and factors.

5. Where there are concerns raised by employees about compliance with our standards or policies, we have a whistle-blowers procedure to encourage disclosure to the business and this information is provided as part of the employee induction process.

6. Where issues are found with a supplier, supportive actions will be taken to try and remediate identified issues. Where unsatisfactory improvements are made, a more suitable contracting partner will be found.
The Matchstick Men Group continues to review its policies and processes in an effort to go beyond basic social and human rights regulations and to ensure the highest standards in it’s supply chain, as expected by customers and the companies with which it works.


Gavin Hamer – Managing Director
On behalf of the Matchstick Men Group